Mountain State Boys Academy

Christian Boys Ministry Home and School in Montana

We are a Christian Boys Ministry Home and School located in beautiful Montana. Mountain State Boys Academy is a safe, loving home for hurting young boys.

Best Academy for Boys in Montana

Mountain State Boys Academy is a trauma informed children’s home that serves boys who learn differently. Our boys who come to us have been adopted, come from broken homes, or through no fault of their own need our ministry.

Some have organic brain damage. They learn and perceive things differently than others. So, we teach them differently. We teach them that what they are feeling is understandable and that it is a choice to continue feeling that way. We teach them to live in the present as we cannot change the past. We teach them how to accept the healing that Christ offers and then how they can go about healing the relationships with their family members. Our desire is for the family to become whole.

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We would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions or just to talk about how Mountain State Boys Academy can serve your family.

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Safe, Loving, Christ-Centered Environment

Mountain State Boys Academy started in 2018 for boys ages 9-14 years old that needed a safe, loving, and Christ-centered environment.

Testimonials from Parents

Mountain State Boys Academy is owned and operated by staff who have a personal understanding of Attachment Disorder. It is our hearts desire to create a safe, Christian environment for your son to THRIVE in.

I sent my son to receive help for him. He has attachment disorder and behavioral issues that I couldn’t deal with at home. My son was gone for 9 months and when he came home, his behaviors improved immensely!! I would recommend this ministry for anyone looking for out of home placement

Parent, Philadelphia ,Pennsylvania

Our 12 year old son adopted from Europe was struggling to bond and cope in his new environments. Honestly, we were desperate for help as therapy and wrap around program was not working. We sent our son to this long term respite program, and we have not regretted our decision yet!!!

Daniel R.