Typical Activities

Participation in all activities is required and completed as a group, supervised by staff members. Students are challenged daily in relationships as they interact with staff and their peers. Our environment is one that balances discipline with personal responsibility to create a positive peer culture. Our goal is to nurture students that make positive decisions that are not based on mandatory compliance, but rather where positive choices are made as a result of genuine concern for themselves and others.

As a regular part of the daily schedule students are required to participate in a rigorous exercise regimen.

Choir Teams rehearse and perform at local churches, events and on-campus ceremonies. Under the direction of skilled Mountain State Boys Academy staff, students can continue to grow and excel in their God-given talents.

Students attend regular church services while at Mountain State Boys Academy at Living Hope Christian Church and Church of God Eureka

At Mountain State Boys Academy, we want our students to understand that contrary to popular belief among teens today, one can live a life that honors God and have fun at the same time. To demonstrate this Mountain State Boys Academy staff go above and beyond to “create wow experiences” for our students, fun is allowed! Mountain State Boys Academy students attend several youth conferences, Christian concerts, camping, and events throughout the year.