Mountain State Boys Academy accepts new students on a year-round basis at our campus in Northwestern Montana. We often have availability for immediate enrollment of your boy. We enroll adolescent boys ages 9-14, who are struggling spiritually, with academic failure or expulsion, and trauma related issues.

Inquire Now – When you call, we will discuss your son’s needs and your family’s situation, as well as answer your questions about our ministry. You will find that our ministry costs much less than other similar facilities, due to the generous support of donors and local churches.
Application and Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process begins with an interview between our Intake Coordinator and the parent/guardian to ensure that the prospective student is a candidate for our program. After the interview an introductory email will be sent to the parent that includes an application for admission and a thorough supply requirement list that details the items that must accompany a student into our program. The potential student must have a physical and required blood work completed by a physician before enrollment into our academy. Once all the admission requirements are met, an appointment may be made with Mountain State Boys Academy for enrollment.

Mountain State Boys Academy cannot enroll students who:

  • Have a serious mental illness that is not manageable without psychiatric medication

  • Have demonstrated aggressive same-sex predatory behaviors

  • Have significant developmental delay, brain damage or retardation

  • Have serious and uncontrollable fits of physical aggression

  • Have serious addictions to chemical substances

  • Are violent, or who have been convicted of violence or arson

  • Have a significant or communicable health condition or illness requiring ongoing care

  • Have serious milk or gluten allergies (however, we CAN work with boys who have peanut allergies)

Once we have an idea that your son will be a good match for our program, we will send you an application along with additional forms required for enrollment. Once your son is accepted and all admissions criteria are met, we will work with you to set a date for admission.